Using 360° Video for Home Inspections

Unprecedented Accountability

September 12, 2019 by Rob

I covered the highlights of what 360 Video is, and how I’m using it in a short social media video.

There are a lot of reasons I love this approach, some were covered in the video.

What it Looks Like

Below is the same video exported two ways, typically I make a flattened version that looks like a traditional video to share insight with clients on features or deficiencies, while the second video shows the full 360 video and what I can see back in the studio.

I’ve discovered a lot of benefits to using 360 Video.

Fewer Errors & Omissions

When I am writing my report I can play the video through, and I get a second look at the space just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. And while I’m inspecting I get to focus on the home, which is important to me. I don’t want to be interrupting my flow to take notes on a tablet, from a neurological point of view that shift of focus from analyzing a system to writing a report will decrease accuracy and performance. When I am inspecting my focus is on the home and the client.


Things happen during home inspections. A breaker may get tripped without being resent and the freezer full of salmon goes bad, or something in the home ends up damaged. With the continuous footage I am owning up to any damage I do, while at the same time protecting myself from any false claims. It’s great because your real estate agent (who will likely get a phone call from the listing agent) and I don’t have to have any awkward conversations or stress about false accusations.

Additionally, as I grow this team everyone will be using 360 video, and there are a lot of ways that might play out. First, I would have the ability to watch another inspectors video to see how they covered the home. Secondly, the video can be broadcast live which might look like two inspectors teaming up on an inspection. A field inspector on location with the camera and going through the normal process, while another inspector at the office monitors (the guy in the chair) and can be a second set of eyes, offer council on deficiencies, and also research specifics (like how many gallons is the water heater if it’s not listed), all while writing the report which could then be sent shortly upon the completion of the inspection.


By recording everything, I can explain a deficiency if the buyer isn’t able to be present. Often times the video is more helpful that the written report, but it is also content I can share with a broader audience on social media to help inform about common problems.

If editing and managing 360 video content wasn’t so technical it would be an industry norm in 5 years. Some inspectors nation wide use 360 photos, but I think we’re pioneering 360 video in this industry. Excited to see where this goes!


Written By Rob

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