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3 things to achieve peace of mind when buying your home.

October 5, 2019 by Rob

So there are some guarantee programs in the industry home inspectors can subscribe to, that at this time I don’t because I don’t feel they provide enough coverage and honestly they feel more like a marketing gimmick that providing real value.

That said I want my clients (and any home buyer even if you’re out of the area and can just lean on this knowledge) to feel assured in their decision when they are investing in a home. It’s a big deal! So I made a short video going over the three things that should help you feel more at ease with your big decision.

So in short I think the three things that can provide peace of mind (and confidence) in purchasing a home:

1) Knowing case law is on the home buyers side in Washington State
2) Make sure your inspector has reasonable E&O insurance
3) Check your home inspectors agreement for disclaimers and pay attention to what else they disclaim during the inspection – you can learn more about disclaimers here – http://www.selkirk.country/home-inspection-disclaimer-spokane/

And if you want to learn more about my background and certifications you can hope over to the inspection page.


Written By Rob

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