Historic Preservation & Renovation

Our focus is the renovation of mid-century and turn-of-the-century homes. Everything from the big colonials on the South Hill to the Bungalows of West Central. We're happy to support with projects as small as refinishing a hardwood floor, to larger projects like additions or finishing unfinished spaces.

General Contractor With Focus On Renovation

Service Offering

Refinish Hardwood Floors

Bathroom Build

Finish Work

Framing & Building Science

Energy Audits

Restorative Projects

Radon Mitigation

Use of Sustainable Materials

Current Workload

We will not be starting any more major projects in 2019, but if you are looking at a 2020 we would be happy to connect, talk about your vision, and determine if we're a good fit for your project.

Quality & Natural Materials

At Selkirk Country we're big fans of working with wood products. When we work with local lumber suppliers that sources from lands managed with good forest management practices we can take pride in leaving a green and vibrant Inland Northwest for the next generation.

Historic Preservation

We have a love of older homes. There is a balance when updating these properties of incorporating modern features while also maintaining the character of the home. Beyond the experience of working on a lot of these homes, we've also taken historic preservation workshops developed by the Dept. of Interior.

Big Picture

We approach each project through the lens of sustainability and value, which means we look at the long term impacts of our work. So when we're looking at presenting materials we don't just break down cost per square foot, we look at cost broken down by life expectancy. If tile cost twice as much as a laminate floor, but the expected service life of the laminate is less than one third of the tile which one is actually less expensive?

Updating your turn-of-the-century or mid-century home doesn't have to be like opening Pandora's box, working with an experienced team can improve the value and livability of your home, so you can focus on what's important.

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Selkirk Country offers a range of home inspection and general contracting services. We are uniquely adept to serving clients with turn-of-the-century or mid-century homes. We have a sound understanding of building science and embrace historic preservation. Through the inspetion process we're also able to support with additional services like radon detection and sew scope, eliminating the need to call out several specialist and saving our clients time and money.

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