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March 12, 2018 by Rob

I enjoy getting to base my operations off Monroe St. For general contracting I try to not work too far out, with home inspection I can reach a little broader area. And with the office centrally located for the bulk of my workload from Liberty Lake, to Spokane and up to Colbert it’s great. Even for those longer treks up to Colville or down to Colfax it works out very well.

If you want to stop by the office to talk about a project, or industry stuff we’re located at:


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Selkirk Country offers a range of home inspection and general contracting services. We are uniquely adept to serving clients with turn-of-the-century or mid-century homes. We have a sound understanding of building science and embrace historic preservation. Through the inspetion process we're also able to support with additional services like radon detection and sew scope, eliminating the need to call out several specialist and saving our clients time and money.

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