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Our Purpose

You will never be asked to, "sit down, and let me do my job" because making sure you feel good about your new home is why we're there. Our intent is to serve as a guide to your new home, we're not just there to check boxes.

We Older Homes

Some inspectors charge more for older homes. Why should you be penalized for buying a home with a little character? As a contractor with experience in historic preservation we know what to look for.

Radon Testing & Sewer Scope

You don't have time to coordinate with several different specialists in that 10-day inspection window, so we offer radon testing, sewer scope, and several other supplemental inspections.

What to expect from your home inspection

Key Takeaways

  • The inspector works for you.
  • Your inspection looks at health and safety, as well as the life and condition of the various systems and structure.
  • Home Inspectors are generallist, but some hold various specializations or additional training, so know what your home inspector is willing to inspect.

Home Inspection Guarantee

There are some home inspection guarantee programs available to home inspectors, but as I reviewed them I didn't feel if I were buying a home they would provide me with much comfort, knowing what I know about the industry. So there are three things I want my clients to understand that can help them have peace of mind as they are investing in a new home.

Home Inspection Report Timeline

We'll have your report by 7 AM the following day. We know some inspectors issue reports on location, but we're not willing to make that a standard practice as it leads to more disclaimers. There are times when we may be able to turn the report around on the same day, which will be case by case. Additionally, if you are on a short timeline we maintain appointment slots for agents and buyers with 5-day inspection windows (which can be great to make your offer more competitive). You can learn more here.

Deploying All Kinds of Tech

We are constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently, with fewer errors, and the solution can often be the use of technology. If it's flying the drone to get a look at roofs that aren't walkable so we don't have to disclaim it on the report, or recording each inspection start to finish in 360 video for accountability to our clients (and the sellers whose property we're a guest on), we're able to provide more accurate, affordable, and comprehensive reports.

We use as few disclaimers as possible

A disclaimer transfers responsibility from the Inspector to the Home Buyer, and they are necessary at times. We deploy many tools and strive for continuing education to ensure we can provide a full report, instead of shrugging off important systems "not covered by generalists" and referring out to several specialists.

Is there an unplanned expence associated with something missed on a home inspection in your future?
Home Inspection Industry Standard Complete Home Inspection*
Less Than 2500 sqft $320 $450
Greater Than 2500 sqft $380 $510
Greater Than 5000 sqft $440 $570
*Includes Radon & Sewer Scope
Supplemental Inspections
Radon $95
Sewer Scope $275
Sewer Scope w/ Inspection $85
Home Energy Reports (coming soon)
Structural Pest (coming soon)
Pre-Listing Inspections $75

Certifications & Affiliations

We have ekey access

A more comprehensive home inspection means a better understanding of the condition of your home, fewer unexpected expenses, and more time to do focus on what is important.

Service Area
  • Spokane County
  • Lincoln County
  • Stevens County
  • Pend Oreille County
  • Bonner County
  • Kootenai County
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Selkirk Country offers a range of home inspection and general contracting services. We are uniquely adept to serving clients with turn-of-the-century or mid-century homes. We have a sound understanding of building science and embrace historic preservation. Through the inspetion process we're also able to support with additional services like radon detection and sew scope, eliminating the need to call out several specialist and saving our clients time and money.

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