What’s a Disclaimer on Your Home Inspection Agreement/Report?

You need to know because it puts the liability on you the home buyer

October 4, 2019 by Rob

I’m getting to update my inspection agreement today and remove some disclaimers because I’ve been working on my continuing education, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about Disclaimers.

The highlights:

Disclaimers come about in two ways, they are disclaimed up front on the agreement or they come up in the report because the inspection was limited by something on location (like snow covering the roof).

Disclaimers transfer liability from the home inspector to the home buyer.

Disclaimers are likely going to be on the report and in the agreement, but know what they are, and make sure you feel comfortable with what is not being inspected.

If you have a question about a disclaimer on a report you received and you’ve been informed it’s really not really a big deal, but it kind of feels like it is to you, feel free to send me a text, email, or DM on Social.


Written By Rob

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