Have You Considered Zeroscape?


September 10, 2019 by Rob

So initially I wasn’t a fan of Zeroscaping. The thought conjured up images of desert landscapes and I thought it was another misguided attempt by short-sighted environmental movements to save the polar bears. Then I started seeing homes with big, beautiful green yards that apparently were low maintenance and drought tolerant.

If you could have a yard that was more attractive and took less maintenance, then why do I still have a sea of grass?

You can see the full interview with Len on Youtube

I’ve decided to pull the trigger on Zeroscaping this year for a number of reasons.


As an avid outdoor enthusiast, with a background in working in natural resources, I want to be a good steward of this beautiful place we live. Again, not crying about the polar bears “environmentalism”, but simply I good steward of our natural resources. And Zeroscape promotes those values. As Spokane grows we are going to tax the limits of the aquifer we’re blessed with. Not only am I looking to Zeroscape but I’m also looking to use rain barrels to capture water for our vegetable garden, as well as looking to capture some of our grey water for use in irrigation.

Less Maintenance

I don’t like using the chemicals on my property, and I would rather be playing with my kids or riding up at Mt Spokane, than mowing the damn lawn again. #lesslawnmorelife

That said it does take a bit of work up front to get the landscape established, so if you are looking to move in a couple years in might not be worth while, but we love our home and don’t plan to move so we’re playing the long game.

Less Cost

The time is the most important to me, but there will be some savings in a lower water bill, not having to buy chemicals to kill the weeds, and not having to maintain a lawn mower. In fact I can make a little money because I can sell said lawn mower, and the City of Spokane is offering a $500 rebate for a program called Spokanescape, which you can get more details on at www.slowtheflow.com.

We Live By A Park

Megan and I live a short block away from Corbin Park, which we use a lot. The kids can run, we can hang the slack-line, and we don’t need to invest in the turf to enjoy it.

So we’ll be pulling the trigger this fall on starting that project, I’ll do my best to share some updates and let you know how it goes.


Written By Rob

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