Hardscape Alternatives

Maybe it isn't time to repave that old driveway

November 18, 2019 by Rob

The topic of hardscapes, patios & driveways that are impermeable (or completely shed water), is largely outside the scope of the work Selkirk Country offers. We don’t work in the realm of landscaping, there maybe a very rare occasion when we may build a deck, but my interest in this is largely because we have clients that might be faced with a decision, and I like being able to provide insight and solutions whenever possible.

Working with turn-of-the-century homes, and in some cases mid-century homes, we’re going to see some long driveways. And when they are no longer functional it’s not a bad idea to consider what the other options are.

You can also learn more in my earlier conversation with Len Zickler, Realtor and Landscape Architect.


Written By Rob

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Selkirk Country offers a range of home inspection and general contracting services. We are uniquely adept to serving clients with turn-of-the-century or mid-century homes. We have a sound understanding of building science and embrace historic preservation. Through the inspetion process we're also able to support with additional services like radon detection and sew scope, eliminating the need to call out several specialist and saving our clients time and money.

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