What’s is Selkirk Country?

A New Chapter

August 13, 2019 by Rob


I’ll do a more refined version of this blog in the future geared more toward a general audience. This is raw and I’m OK with that as it’s meant to be shared more with my personal network to give them a little insight into what’s going on. 

I actually split the video into two parts, first for those that didn’t know I was transitioning out of Rogue Heart’s day-to-day the first video has a little backstory on that decision, while the second video is a little insight into what Selkirk Country is going to look like. 

This is a plan that started in April, which seams like a long time ago, but I also am taking a moment to reflect this morning on how quickly this all came together.

Since April we’ve hired two more employees at Rogue Heart, I phased out in June, trained for my home inspector certification for several weeks, passed the state and national home inspector test, registered a new Corporation, got licensed as a contractor, and am in the process of building a brand identity. Not bad for 4 months!

Now comes the exciting part of getting involved in the community, and if you want to be part of that community be sure to follow one of the social channels below!


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Selkirk Country offers a range of home inspection and general contracting services. We are uniquely adept to serving clients with turn-of-the-century or mid-century homes. We have a sound understanding of building science and embrace historic preservation. Through the inspetion process we're also able to support with additional services like radon detection and sew scope, eliminating the need to call out several specialist and saving our clients time and money.

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